Example God


The template/Example God is Loki. This has no rules, no regulations and no mandates, use and claim as your own. Change and redistribute as you like. The source is inside the JAR.

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package com.Elite4.Loki;

import com.Elite4.Pantheons.Pantheons;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import org.bukkit.plugin.PluginManager;
import org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin;

public class Loki extends JavaPlugin
    private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft");

    public void onDisable()
        logger.info("[Pantheons-Loki] Unloaded!");

    public void onEnable()
        PluginManager pm = getServer().getPluginManager();

        //Make sure that Pantheons is enabled!

        Pantheons panth = (Pantheons)pm.getPlugin("Pantheons");
        if (!panth.isEnabled())

        //Register your God here!


        logger.info("[Pantheons-Loki] Loaded " + this.getDescription().getName() + " build " + this.getDescription().getVersion() + "!");


package com.Elite4.Loki;

import com.Elite4.Pantheons.Gods;
import com.Elite4.Pantheons.API;

public class Register
    public static void register()

        //Register your Gods name, returns a Gods

        Gods god = API.registerGod("Loki");

        //(OPTIONAL) Register initiation sacrifices, god, mob, amount

        API.registerSacrifice(god, "SPIDER", 10);

        //(OPTIONAL) Make an array for offering items for initiation (and for offering if you like)

        int items[] = new int[3];
        items[0] = 326;
        items[1] = 319;
        items[2] = 332;

        //(OPTIONAL) Make another for amounts

        int amounts[] = new int[3];
        amounts[0] = 1;
        amounts[1] = 5;
        amounts[2] = 10;

        //(OPTIONAL) Register the items above, god, items[], amounts[]

        API.registerItems(god, items, amounts);

        //(OPTIONAL) Register pvp for initiation, god, amount, Should it only be oppossing God's Followers? (Overrides pvp)

        API.registerPVP(god, 5, false);

        //(OPTIONAL) Register suicides for initiation, god, amount

        API.registerSuicide(god, 1);

        //(OPTIONAL) These will be for gaining faith

        String sacrifices[] = new String[2];
        sacrifices[0] = "WOLF";
        sacrifices[1] = "SPIDER";

        //(OPTIONAL) Below is for additional plugin controlled initiation requirements, god


        //(OPTIONAL) Register those faith sacrifices from above, god, sacrfice[]

        API.registerFaithSacrifice(god, sacrifices);

        //(OPTIONAL) Register gain of faith from PVP, god, Use only oppossing Gods' Followers 

        API.registerFaithPVP(god, false);

        //(OPTIONAL) Register faith gain on items, god, items[]

        API.registerFaithItems(god, items);

        //(OPTIONAL) Faith loss on killing array

        String kills[] = new String[1];
        kills[0] = "CREEPER";

        //(OPTIONAL) Register faith loss kills, god, kills[] 

        API.registerFaithLossKills(god, kills);

        //(OPTIONAL) Register loss of faith on PVP, god, use only people following the same god, god, true


        //(OPTIONAL) Should this god punish people who leave? god


        //These are the level titles, you MUST have one set as level 0 or the API will just default to the first title for those levels!

        String titles[] = new String[5];
        titles[0] = "Acolyte";
        titles[1] = "Adept";
        titles[2] = "Heim";
        titles[3] = "Jotunn";
        titles[4] = "Laufeyson's Son";

        //These are the corresponding levels.

        int levels[] = new int[5];
        levels[0] = 0;
        levels[1] = 10;
        levels[2] = 35;
        levels[3] = 65;
        levels[4] = 100;

        //(OPTIONAL) This is the oppossing Gods array

        String names[] = new String[1];
        names[0] = "Thor";

        //(OPTIONAL) Register Oppossing Gods, god, names[]

        API.registerOpposingGods(god, names);

        //Register the titles and levels, god, titles[], levels[]

        API.registerTitles(god, titles, levels);

        //Thesea are the Description, requisit description, Initiation messege, forsake messege, perk messege and faith requisits messege.

        String desc = "The god of Mischief and Chaos, no one matches his evil!";
        String req = "Kill 10 Spiders, kill 5 Players, kill your self once, and give 10 Snowballs, 5 Porkchops and 1 Buckit of Water.";
        String ini = "Loki grins at the idea of a new peon.";
        String leave = "Loki shrieks with anger, you will be destroyed!";
        String perk = "Unknown";
        String faith = "Kill Wolves, Spiders and Players, offer Snowballs, Porkchops or Water Buckits.";
        String faithLoss = "You loose faith for killing Creepers.";

        //Register the above messeges

        API.registerMesseges(god, desc, req, ini, leave, perk, faith,faithLoss);

        //Finalise the god, god